Medical Fridge Servicing

Temperature is a key factor in the efficacy of vaccines. Many refrigerators used to store vaccines are not operating to the correct temperature.

JPen Medical finds at least 10% of all vaccine fridges inspected per year are not cooling to recommended temperatures. Relatively easy but important steps that can be taken to prevent this. 

Top Tips

  • Ideal storage temperature for vaccines should range between 2-8°C.  Exposure to temperatures outside the recommended range can lead to reduced protection against infectious disease
  • Daily temperature checks should be carried out by a designated person. Report out-of-range temperature immediately
  • Rotate vaccines with latest expiration dates around the refrigerator so that vaccine packs are used well within expiry dates. Always store vaccines in original boxes/packaging, and avoid over-filling the refrigerator with too many packages
  • Ensure plenty of ventilation around the sides and rear of the refrigerator, to help heat exchange units and radiator pipes extrude warm air
  • Annual cleaning is recommended to remove dust and ensure optimum working order
  • Annual refrigerator servicing to maintain and protect valuable equipment assets, including annual refrigerator thermometer calibration

Other Services

T34 Syringe Driver Express Testing Service

For when you need a quick turnaround on your annual testing & service on T34 syringe drivers, we offer a comprehensive, easy to use and fully insured express service.

We’ll collect, test and return your syringe drivers within 5 working days.

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Medical Equipment Testing

We can provide testing on a wide range of equipment and offer electrical safety testing on mains powered medical equipment. This will ensure that equipment used on patients is safe to do so, and our functional test procedures will ensure the readings given are accurate and reliable.

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Medical Device Calibration

We will ensure your devices are accurately calibrated and on certain equipment we will recalibrate them to ensure the readings they give are as accurate as possible. This can extend the life of your equipment and ensure confidence in the readings they give.

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